Congestion Surcharge

In our newsletter of 21.04.2021 we have informed you about the introduction of a congestion surcharge.
The situation in the North Sea ports, which has persisted since the beginning of the year, has not improved despite the relocation of services on the part of the shipping company. On the contrary, the productivity of seaport terminals has actually deteriorated further overall; land-based clearance in particular is significantly affected here. This is currently leading to a further negative development on the cost side, which will unfortunately continue in the future. These factors include:

  • Continued low capacity utilization in rail production due to dropped shipments and, in some cases, cancellation of trains.

  • Increased travel times of the train rotations, so among other things, additional driver shifts.

  • increased infrastructure costs, including aggravated by the higher calculation of cancellation fees for canceled trains by DB-Netz.

  • as well as penalties for late use of the train path, resulting from handling delays at the loading points of the terminals (deviation from the target timetable).
  • In order to be able to continue to operate our traffic in a predictable and economical way, we are unfortunately forced to set the temporary surcharge beginning with 01.09.2021 at Euro 12 per TEU.

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    31.08.2021 11:10:58

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