Development of the diesel price // Increase of diesel surcharge

The war in Ukraine has led to a sharp rise in the price of diesel, jeopardizing the already fragile stability and quality of the supply chain.

To secure transport capacities, we therefore have to increase the diesel surcharge with effect from March 14, 2022.

In Austria this is to 8%, in Germany 20%.

Therefore, as of 14.03.2022, we will charge the above surcharge for each booking on top of the
freight rates at hand.

The basis is the delivery date, irrespective of the booking date. In Germany, this replaces the diesel floater that has been used to date.

We will re-evaluate the situation every week and inform you accordingly if the situation and therefore the surcharge changes.

We hope for normality soon and for your understanding for this extraordinary and short-term step.

11.03.2022 11:18:07

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