Container X-Ray station (CPA) Freight

More and more containers must be presented due to a customs order at the Container X-Ray station (CPA).

The X-ray of a container provides an insight into the container and its cargo without having to repack it.

Neutral, as our entire range of services, we arrange on behalf of our customers the transport to the demanded container X-ray station.

Advanced Containerlogistics.

We are directly connected with the computer systems in Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Rotterdam.
Due to the continuous IT chain, from booking your container on the recording in the port systems and the resulting registration we communicate direct with the proper customs office and arrange time and place of the X-ray.

Reliable, fast, professional

This guarantees a quick run and saves you and your customers valuable time.

Your benefits

own customs department with very experienced brokers

connections to all european E-Zoll offices via modern infrastructure

Quick registration in the ports

continuous IT chain

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