Delivery restrictions HHLA Terminals Hamburg

The delivery restrictions for Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA), which have been in place for some time, remain in force.

In addition, HHLA has announced further restrictions for all HHLA terminals (CTA, CTB and CTT).

As of 01.04.2022, HHLA reserves the right to reject and not unload or accept rail containers at its container terminals that are delivered earlier than 7 days before scheduled ship arrival. These restrictions are not limited in time and are valid until further notice.

In the event of refused acceptance at the terminal, all costs incurred as a result will be borne by the goods.

Please note the corresponding ship arrivals when placing your order. In case of delays in arrival, the order dates have to be re-arranged accordingly.

Due to the ongoing disruptions, presentation dates and ship closings cannot always be met. Please understand that we generally cannot accept any liability for additional costs resulting from the above circumstances.

28.03.2022 09:50:57

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