Temporary surcharge – further handling obstacles at the seaports

Dear Valued Client,

The tense situation across the logistics market has had a considerable impact on our industry for quite some time, and we continue to be confronted with increasingly difficult conditions.

Throughout these challenges, our team is doing the utmost to provide a high level of service. At the same time, we would like to offer a transparent picture of current disruptions, which

  • Continuous vessel arrival delays for various reasons

  • Land-side restrictions at seaport terminals, particularly affecting rail handling. This includes stricter delivery deadlines for export loading closures (7-day regulation) paired with a required balance between container delivery/acceptance in some cases. In addition, increased forced evacuations of transport containers to satellite storage sites

  • Staff strikes and ‘work-to-rule’ action, resulting in capacity shortages

  • Train routing adjustments in Hamburg and Bremerhaven imposed by the port authorities

  • A permanent overload within inland terminals along with new and unpredictable restrictions every day
  • The above difficulties result in increased operational costs as well as present a multitude of problems when trying to plan and execute our services, which include the following challenges, among others:

  • Increased train cancellations due to cancellations of scheduled handling slots by the seaport terminals, which escalate between Monday and Saturday

  • Capacity losses due to loading cut offs at the seaport terminals

  • Required additional locomotive driver shifts, sometimes with double staffing on select corridors, to guarantee a successful roundtrip operation

  • Increased infrastructure costs, exacerbated, among other things, by higher charges from DB-Netz for cancelled train rotations and penalties for late use of train routes

  • Restricted or refused container deliveries at certain inland terminals
  • At IMS, we believe it is our responsibility to present value, and it is our priority to provide a
    high level of service amidst these difficulties.

    As a result, to ensure we can continue to operate effectively, our temporary surcharge will increase to 30,00 EUR per TEU as of 01.09.2022.

    The calculation is based on rail dispatch date.

    This surcharge applies to all IMS routes until further notice.

    We will continue to closely monitor the situation and inform you of any further developments.
    Our entire team stands ready to do whatever we can to support your business and answer any
    further questions you may have.

    22.08.2022 11:16:59

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