Press Releases - 2010 Freight

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IMS continues to expand

Vienna, 1. December 2010 - After the successful integration of the Vectura s.r.o. Bratislava into the IMS group the next expansion queues in Eastern Europe.
Since 03.11.2010 IMS is represented in Katowice, Poland with a branch office of ist own.

"The Polish market with almost 40 million consumers for us on the one hand is very interesting on the other side we want take a gateway in Poland for our transport from and to Russia." exlpains Wolfgang Tomassovich, CEO of IMS, " And Poland offers ist services ideal wise there."

The service spectrum of the Polish branch office is obliged to the high standard of the IMS group and lined up also correspondingly.
"Additionally to our maritime traffics we will push also continental traffics in Poland scince the maritme market is in Poland as in Austria is under a heavy downward pressure of prices " Tomassovich is convinced of the success of the new traffics.

Responsibly for the development in Poland is Slawomir Tubek, before lasting for years are manager at PKP and there competently for the intermodal area of the Polish national railway.

Contact data:

IMS CARGO Poland sp. Z o.o
Francuska st. 35/37
PL -40-027 Katowice
T: +48 32 2000 432
F: +48 32 2000 439


IMS expands to the East

Vienna (08. July 2010, 12:50 pm) - The container operator IMS 07.01.2010 with ist own branch in Bratislava, represented a side.

With the majority takeover of Vectura Ltd., which has been some time on the Slovak market operates as a combination operator, IMS is now directly represented in this growing market.

"Through the acquisition, we are able to use the Slovak industrial and urban areas and to better integrate into our existing systems." explains Wolfgang Tomassovich, CEO IMS Vienna. "The range of the new branch extends from the combined traffic on national and international trucking, which is also the parent company of Vienna offers, to container rental services and conventional shipments," said Tomassovich continued, "this diversity is precisely in times of collapsing margins in the traditional operator segment an important addition. "

High-frequency, timing of the trains to operate IMS, western Slovakia is connected in a combined circulation of 16 departures per week via Vienna.

Bratislava at the site are 4 employees and connected via VPN own lines to the IT systems in Vienna and Hamburg. "This ensures a smooth internal communication between the participating sites."


IMS CARGO Slovakia sro
Hranicn√° 18
SK-821 05 Bratislava
T: +421 2 326 601 23
F: +421 2 326 601 23