Press Releases - 2012 Freight

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Renaming of IMS-Intermove Systems GmbH Germany

Hamburg, 21. December 2012 - IMS Intermove Systems in Germany becomes independent

For strategic reasons, the IMS-Intermove Systems, Speditions und Transport GmbH, Niederlassung Hamburg was retroactively transferred to a new company as of 01.01.2012.

Below please find the new company data:

UID: DE 286002586
HRB: 125328 Amtsgericht Hamburg

The addresses in Germany as well as your contacts will remain the same.

"To date, IMS Germany was a branch of IMS Austria, with transfer, the German company will become independent" explains Wolfgang Tomassovich, CEO of IMS, ", Germany remains a 100%-owned subsidiary."


IMS is nominated for the Port Community Award

Vienna, 18. December 2012 - IMS is honored by Portbase Rotterdam

IMS has been nominated for the Rotterdam Port Base Community Award, which is awarded annually.

"The nomination in itself is quite an achievement, as there are to meet a variety of criteria." said Wolfgang Tomassovich, CEO of IMS.

"So in addition to innovation and commitment around the port of Rotterdam also the active use of Portbase services and the company's position as "Port Ambassador" are rated. And all criteria must be met in order to be nominated at all. "

Enrique Rivas, CEO IMS RAIL SWITZERLAND: "The more we are pleased about the nomination, which shows us that the path chosen is the right one."

Under you can vote and obtain more information on the Port Community Award!


IMS RAIL SWITZERLAND links Rotterdam with Switzerland, Baden Württemberg and the Alsace

Vienna, 30. October 2012 - IMS starts the Erasmus shuttle

On 26.10.2012 the Basel-based IMS SWITZERLAND AG launched a new Train-shuttle between Rotterdam and Basel Bad

Twice weekly the ”Erasmus-Shuttle” does connect the Container terminal Basel Bad Ubf (Duss) - overnight - with the Rotterdam terminals of Rail Service Center (RSC) and Maasvlakte (MVL).

"This shuttle complements ideally our existing train connections between Rotterdam and Frenkendorf and Rekingen" said Wolfgang Tomassovich, CEO IMS and Enrique Rivas, CEO of IMS RAIL SWITZERLAND.

"With a total of 14 train depatures per week alternatives on the barge, we offer our customers optimal connections to the West Harbour."

The new connection became necessary, because a lot of volume coming from the northern ports was transferred to western ports in the last 2 years successively .


IMS with the highest transport volume in 2011

Vienna, 4. January 2012 - 2011 IMS has handled the highest volume ever

With nearly 145,000 TEUs handled and a consolidated turnover of EUR 45 million the fiscal year 2011 comes to an end for IMS.
Additional 14,000 TEUs were handled in the train management for other combi operators.

"We may have less in absolute numbers compared to 2010, around 6 million less in sales and 32,000 TEUs, but we have decided in April 2011, to divide us from the train management for other combi operator, since this branch was very lossy.", explains Wolfgang Tomassovich, CEO of IMS. "Adjusted we had, in comparison to 2010, an increase of around 20%, the highest volume since the establishment of IMS in 1993."

From the perspective of combined transport, 2012 will be certainly more difficult than 2011. Based on the current Euro-crisis and the loss in purchasing power in some EU countries, 2012 determined to be a difficult year. First tendencies were already apparent beginning in fall of 2011, the import was clearly in decline.

"At the margin trend I see for 2012 is no improvement," continued Tomassovich, "some of our market companion try, as also as 2011, to generate with low prices the volumes, which in view of the massive losses of these companies and the underlying shareholders, will harm the economy and can harm the private companies, also. "