Press Releases - 2018 Freight

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IMS increases the round trips from the northern ports to Enns

From week 38, the neutral container operator IMS will increase the number of round trips from the northern ports to Enns for another 2 departures.

"Due to the increased demand in the recent months and the resulting capacity bottlenecks, the increase was a logical conclusion," said Wolfgang Tomassovich, CEO at IMS.
"Especially in the import the waiting time for a loading was for us, as a quality service provider, no longer justifiable. With the increase, we assume that this situation will normalizing again. "

Each week, IMS now offers 6 departures with a capacity of more than 1,000 TEU Enns in the German seaports.

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IMS close in 2017 with 120,000 TEU

Vienna, January 31, 2018

With just over 120,000 TEU and consolidated Turn Over of EUR 33.2 million, the financial year 2017 for IMS has come to an end.

"Despite the attitude of the traffic from/to Rotterdam, we were able to increase our volume compared to 2016 on many other relations.", leads Wolfgang Tomassovich, CEO at IMS. "Especially in the German domestic traffic we were able to grow disproportionately."

"In comparison, Turn Over rose only slightly by 3%, which illustrates the general problem of the industry in recent years: with rising costs for energy, route and personnel costs, the revenues are stagnating."

2018 will continue to be marked by consolidation at IMS. "Our goal is not to keep every rate, but to generate a balanced price-performance ratio for our customers.
The added value for the customer must not consist of dumping prices, but should bring tangible relief especially in the operational process. To this end, we invest every year in the modernisation and further development of our IT."