Press Releases - 2014 Freight

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IMS joins the SGKV

Vienna, 10 December 2014

Combined transport is a very heterogeneous field of activity, where different opinions and strategies meet. Due to the different interests of transport and their actors there is a need of a neutral and parent platform which helps on a scientific basis, to unit all parties of combined transport in a sustainable transport system.

Purpose of the SGKV is exploring the rational combination of in-house, inter-firm, national and international transport and handling and to promote in practice. It promotes the use of combined transport as environmentally friendly mode of transport in terms of environmental protection.

IMS supports now the SGKV in Berlin as an active member to shape the combined transport in the future.

"As a global company, we are already active in various associations and looking forward, together with the over 100 members of the SGKV, to develop rational approaches for combined transport in Europe.", Wolfgang Tomassovich, CEO of IMS, is convinced.


IMS launches new train from Wolfurt to Rotterdam

Vienna , 17 January 2014

With 4 February 2014 the operator IMS starts a new rail link.
From this date a shuttle train between Wolfurt and Rotterdam connects the swiss terminals Frenkendorf (Basel) and Rekingen (Zurich) twice a week, from there, the containers are fed into the existing systems to Rotterdam, Antwerp or Melzo.

"The production via the Swiss terminals has several decisive advantages for the customer.", explains Wolfgang Tomassovich, CEO of IMS, "On the one hand 8 departures from the terminals Frenkendorf and Rekingen to Rotterdam will result in optimal transit times, on the other hand we can reposition empty containers from Switzerland to Wolfurt. From Frenkendorf our customers have also the possibility to use our trains to Antwerp, Zeebrugge and Melzo and, subsequently, Genoa, Livorno and La Spezia."

Already in 1998 IMS began to operate the first block train from the German seaports to Wolfurt and has been optimally positioned in this area scince then.

"Thanks to the ÖBB infrastructure as the terminal operator in Wolfurt we can now offer an alternative to the existing connections to the North Sea ports."

That with Rotterdam a previously not well known port has arrived in Vorarlberg now, Tomassovich sees not as a problem but as an opportunity for local freight forwarders:
"We are dispatching currently approx. 45,000 TEU per year to and from Rotterdam, so we have already good experiences with the port and ist infrastructure."


IMS with record year 2013

Vienna , 9 January 2014

With a record on transported TEU the 2013 financial year ends for the IMS group.

"More than 170,000 TEUs, an increase of 15 % compared to 2012 , represent a consolidated turnover of almost EUR 51 million," says Wolfgang Tomassovich , CEO of IMS ", in a field of intensified competition and weak economy . The turnover of EUR 51 million for the same period rose by 9%. "

In the past 4 years, IMS was able to double the number of TEUs transported, the turnover rised by 85%.

"The price pressure, especially in the northern port traffic, is enormous and in order to provide positive economically results we have to keep our costs really under control.", Tomassovich continues.

Also for 2014 IMS expect fierce competition and a sluggish economy.
Especially the import volumes will continue to stagnate, so the imbalance, and therefore the costs, will increase to some traffic.

"But we will also in 2014 invest in new products and improve existing products , such as the new Wolfurt -Rotterdam train which starts in February or a new operating concept of the Antwerp trains to Switzerland. " is Tomassovich positive tempered.