Press Releases - 2011 Freight

Here you will find our press releases for future reference.

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IMS launch new product between the Northern ports and Switzerland

Vienna, 13. December 2011 - As per 14.12.2011 the first train start from Hamburg/Bremerhaven to Frenkendorf and Rekingen

The neutral Swiss combined transport operator IMS Rail Switzerland AG will start on 14.12.2011 with the "Swiss-Hansa shuttle" block train ist newest product for the unaccompanied combined transport (UCT) in operation.
The "Swiss-Hansa-Shuttle" connects the Germans Ports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven terminals with Frenkendorf BL (Basel)
and Rekingen AG (Zurich area) and will transport any current Intermodal unit.

On these relations are the main focues lies on maritime containers of all Sizes (20 ', 40' and 45 '), tank and silo containers (25', 30 'and 40') and flat, and OPENTOP containers.
Special container with which the strong import-export but also the traffic between the World's ports and Switzerland are handled.

The "Swiss-Hansa shuttle" met for the interior of Switzerland the function of a Gateway to and from the world's deep sea. The reference system also allows commodity exchange in continental traffic (swap, an extension on truck-trailer possible) between the North German Economic Area and Switzerland.

Each train is capable of approximately 50 full truck loads and transport environmentally friendly by rail.
To be also environmentally friendly in Switzerland an environmentally and to relieve the streets we are offering transport by rail to any siding within Switzerland via the terminal Frenkendorf.

Max Kuske
Sales Manager
+41 61 226 56 50


IMS increases the capacity of the northern ports to Enns and Vienna

Vienna, 15. July 2011 - From Beginning August 2011 the container operator IMS increasing the freuqency of the Austria container shuttle.

"Currently we offer 12 depatures from the north German ports to Vienna and Enns, but the capacity is exhausted for months.", explain Wolfgang Tomassovich, CEO of IMS.
"The increase in frequencies and, consequently, the capacity was therefore a logical and necessary step to provide our customers with the usual service and to avoid costs in the ports."

"Even we feel first capacity constraints at the terminals, we are pleased that we got more slots."

As of early August, IMS provides with the the Austria Container Shuttle 16 departures per week with a capacity of more than 1,450 TEU.

The exact timetable will be published in a timely manner on the homepage.


IMS Vienna has moved

Vienna 15 July 2011 - The container operator IMS is now reachable under new address.

On 08.07.2011 the container operator, IMS has moved to new office.

"This step was necessary because the old office had no more options for expansion.", explains Wolfgang Tomassovich this step.
"At the new location at 1210 Vienna, Trillergasse 8 more than 620 sqm of new office space is available, which have been adapted accordingly and notified by us on the cutting edge of technology. So more than 10 kilometers of new electrical and network cables were installed,
The offices have been converted according to our needs and now offer more space for our staff and space for further expansion in Vienna. "


IMS opens new location in southern Germany

Vienna, 15. July 2011 - The container operator IMS will open a new office in Munich on 01.09.2011.

As per 01.09.2011 IMS extend the activities in Germany with the establishment of a new office in Landshut.
The head of the office will take over Mr. Dietmar Kanzler.

"With Mr. Kanzler, we could expanded our team with an experienced Sales Manager and we look forward to a productive collaboration." Tomassovich is Wolfgang, CEO of IMS, is convinced.


IMS with annual volume of 2010 very satisfied

Vienna, 2. February 2011 - The IMS-driven volume within the group grows in 2010 to 190,000 TEU's

With almost 190,000 TEUs handled and a consolidated turnover of EUR 51 million the fiscal year 2010 for IMS came to an end.
About 120,000 TEUs were attributable to the combined transport and 70,000 TEUs to theTrain operating.

"With the significant volume increase over 2009, we are very satisfied, " says Wolfgang Tomassovich, CEO of IMS, "less with the margin development."

Thus, in comparison to 2009, the revenue per TEU decreased by about 15%, increased the cost of services but up to 5%. This drop is due to the huge competitive pressure on the northern ports - Austria axle.

"In 2010 there were increasing despite the significant amounts of too much capacity, " explains Tomassovich.
"Beginning of 2011 this eased slightly, however, the imbalance on many routes is a very high risk fact. This does not allow optimal utilization, which charged down the income. Nor could the annual price increases for energy and route will only be used in part to the customers. "


IMS Vienna takes majority stake in Hungary Interlogistik

Vienna, 1. February 2011 - On 01 February 2011 the neutral container operator IMS - Intermove Systems Speditions- and Transport GmbH in Vienna took over the majority stake of Interlogistik Hungary

The expansion into Eastern Europe will continue unabated for IMS.

Following to the successful expansion in Slovakia and Poland with 01 February, the majority in the Hungarian Truckingcompany Interlogistik located in Budapest was adopted.
Due to the brand claims the former majority owner the company was renamed in IMS CARGO HUNGARY, retained contact person and contact details.

"Through our existing hub system via Vienna Budapest is alreday connected for some time, now we can also produce the last mile for ourself, what is the best for our quality standards.", explains Wolfgang Tomassovich, CEO of IMS.
The location Budapest, with two current employees, will be connected in the next few days to the existing IT systems of the IMS Group. "This gives us a smooth and transparent communication between the sites in Vienna, Salzburg, Hamburg, Bratislava, Katowice and Basel on the one hand and the customers on the other."

Gábor Zsemlye
Country Manager
Mobile: +36-20-459-8917
Fax: +36-1-271-0194
Mail: @ g.zsemlye


IMS Vienna to take over activities of ICF’s Business Unit West

Basel/Vienna, 10. January 2011. On 31 January 2011, IMS Intermove Systems Speditions- und Transport GmbH in Vienna takes over the activities of ICF Intercontainer-Interfrigo SA (in liquidation) Business Unit West.

ICF continues operating the below mentioned transport relations until 30 January 2011. The international shuttle services for container transports between Switzerland and Northern Seaports remain therefore without interruption at the disposal of the logistics branch.

- Hamburg – Frenkendorf / Rekingen and back
- Bremerhaven – Frenkendorf / Rekingen and back
- Hamburg – Wolfurt and back
- Bremerhaven – Wolfurt and back
- Rotterdam – Switzerland and back

IMS is the biggest private container operator in Austria with own block train connections. As a flexible and neutral container operator, the company offers ist customers tailored services and integrated concepts for intermodal container transport all over continental Europe.

Joan Dubaere, ICF liquidator and Lawyer of the Belgian Lawyers Racine and Vergels in Brussels, is very positive about this solution: “with IMS, we found a long-time ICF customer and experienced partner, who guarantees for a high quality continuation of the traffics in Western Europe. I’m convinced that customers trust in this solution and continue to hand over container transport to the new provider”.

Wolfgang Tomassovich, CEO IMS GmbH, Vienna: „For IMS, the succession means an optimal continuation of the connection between Wolfurt and German seaports which is of particular importance for the Austrian market. At the same time, the Swiss market profits of an optimal and important solution: high-quality intermodal transport services to and from sea ports in the Northern and Western range continues to be operated by a neutral intermodal operator”.